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Monday 6.30 / 7.30pm  Land Rover Social Club
Thursday 7.30 / 8.30pm HiBris Dance Studio 

Tap Dance
Wednesday 7.30/ 8.30pm HiBris Dance Studio

Please note we will be closed for  "dancing" 12/09/2022
re-open 19/09/2022

I have always danced...since I was about 3 years old. I will dance to practically anything, ask my kids. I have the most eclectic music collection. No matter how tedious and rubbish a day/week/month can be dancing just makes everything seem brighter and lighter and makes me happier. Everyone can enjoy dancing. You don't have to be step perfect . You don't have to be clad from head to toe in  the latest brand Lycra. You don't need the confidence of a rock star. You just need to love music and not be able to stop yourself from tapping your fingers or your feet when your favourite track comes on the radio or in the supermarket. All my classes are very unserious (if that is a word !) I just want people to escape for an hour and move. Life is very busy and its too easy to forget how to escape. Come along and see ... on your own, with a friend, with a group. Dancing is the most fun way to get fit without feeling like you are working at it.

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